RINSED | The Umbrella: G.O.D. Vol I

The Umbrella’s first immersive event, G.O.D. Vol 1, intends to dissolve the line between performer and spectator; the guru and the devotee. Through a series of devices the focus of the party will be shifted from a single point to a broader sense of awareness.” – Rinsed

For the launch of their record label and release of their first compilation, Rinsed and myself designed an event to reflect the dissolve between performer and audience.  The space featured a pink British military parachute suspended from the middle of the room backlit with an array of LEDs.  Facing the audience at one end of the room as an altar designed to reflect and exalt those who performed as themselves all night on the dance floor.  The DJs were positioned in the middle of the room to communicate that there is no back stage, no performer to observer hierarchy, that all are created equal under this umbrella.

I was responsible for co-creating the concept of the party with the Rinsed founders Dan Wender and Blacky II.  With the help of a professional team I installed a custom lighting rig and décor to transform the Brooklyn loft space. Adjacent to the DJs I performed the lighting effects for the entire night, disappearing only to relocate in a furry on the dance floor for tracks I could not resist.  Images by Ross Figlerski