Sougwen Chung - Ecdysis

Ecdysis is an immersive audio-visual installation conceived and composed by Sougwen Chung, depicting biological and architectural adaptation. In Ecdysis, kinetic light, scored by ambient sound, is cast on 36 interwoven planes, suspended in space by their tensional integrity.

For this installation, I worked along side Sougwen Chung to design a playback system as well as projection map the many surfaces of her sculptures.  The system was designed to synchronize playback of several audio and video channels at once, enabling Sougwen to perform and affect the content in real time.


Ecdysis has been shown at 319 Scholes in Brooklyn NY, CMKY Conference in Boulder CO, and at Drop Everything Festival in Inis Oirr Ireland.

Sougwen Chung: Concept and Composition

Praveen Sharma: Score

Michelle Higa Fox (Slanted Studios): Technical Director

Chris Lunney: Technical Director

Square Fabrication: Fabrication