We Are All Made Of Light

We Are All Made Of Light is an immersive audiovisual experience that conceptually navigates the boundaries of human perception through a journey of the structure of the universe. Visual content ranging from the human scale to the infinite is complemented by a syncopated soundscape spanning ambient meditations to marching percussive rhythm. Our senses serve us with the units of experience from which we are able to construct our reality. This excursion through the scalar relationship of the human and the universe frames existence beyond the brink of our senses, challenging our definition of connectedness thus opening an audience to consider wider potentials of truth. As we casually construct collective truths from fragments in our environment it is important to remember the phenomena that exists beyond the threshold of our senses.  This experience continues the lineage of transcending beyond the quotidian.  Becoming attuned to the spectrum of our own perception allows us to better know ourselves, enabling us to enhance our connection to each other as we collectively construct our reality. We are united by the universal energy that flows through all.